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The update includes

Le 9 March 2015, 07:36 dans Humeurs 0

The update includes a bunch of new online game modes, new vehicles and a range of other enhancements and fixes.Secondly and this is the really, really cool bit , it's where we can, using the Game Calendar, create what we're calling Live Broadcast Gameplay.

In addition, the update includes the game's new Live Page, which does two things, as Phipps explains: First, it serves up news about the game so that's news about updates and the kind of stuff you'd expect on, but it's also news about what's happening in the game so, expect to find news about what you've done in Paradise City as well as about what's happening online, like when we hit the 100 millionth crash, for example.

If people fifa coins are getting attacked

Le 6 March 2015, 05:48 dans Humeurs 0

If people fifa coins are getting attacked in the streets and getting their money stolen from them you should probably not take your investment in any game and leave it to chance.What's your view on PC game piracy? Do publishers only have themselves to blame? Let us know in the comments section below.

While Stude admitted that the PCGA cannot currently offer a solution to this problem, and that there will always be people who will pirate , he called on publishers to be smart about the way they deal with their own intellectual property and protect it all the way through the production pipeline .

We are fifa coins concentrating our

Le 5 March 2015, 05:52 dans Humeurs 0

We are fifa coins concentrating our efforts and resources on those high quality titles that will deliver long term franchise value while pro actively managing our cost base and exploring ways to improve the mechanics of the business.

Arkham Asylum as a big success for 2009, with the game having benefited from cross promotional opportunities including a trailer included on all DVDs of the movie The Dark Knight.

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